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What we serve

▶ Composing 8" PVD equipment and assembly parts accordingly

▶ Supplying 2nd source parts

▶ Trading and distributing industrial parts and equipment globally


AMAT 8" PVD equipment & parts / refurbishment

Oncube Global supplies assembly parts for 8" PVD with professional staffs to meet the needs of all the clients. We also advise and support the right solution for the customer who is in dufficulties to the equipment operation or refurbishment. 


2nd sourced parts

We offer 2nd source parts like bellows, ceramics, heaters and cables with the network for the manufacturing resources. We also supply advanced expendable parts specially localized for LAM Etch like hanger, spacer, washer etc.


Trading & distributing

We distribute industrial parts for customers globally. A number of companies are looking for parts with reasonable price for their own purpose. We connect them with the right parts so that they could be satisfied with the customized service and reasonable cost.  


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